Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The next Craft Night will be Thurs. November 20th. Come and bring friends. Sign-up deadline will be Nov 17th. Sorry for the short notice!! All prices are good through Nov 21st. Thanks 16x16 tile
$7 Kit
$5 Vinyl Only
Winter Wonderland

Bring your family Pic to customize

Also Shannon Hyer is putting together a Christmas CD and help us make a homemade cover! (she is so talented in the scrapbook department)
$10 Kit (includes CD)
$7 if you don't want the CD
Please Let us know if you want Christmas Colors or Winter Wonderland Colors

This house Believes

$15 Kit
$5 Vinyl Only
$20 Finished

Christmas Countdown
$15 Kit
$7 Vinyl Only
$30 Finished

Believe Blocks
$6 Kit
$3 Vinyl Only
$8 Finished

$12 Kit
$20 Finished

I also have a Jesus Christ Frame that is beatiful (pic to come)
$20 Kit
$10 Vinyl only

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these projects Or comment to this post

Thanks Megan


Naomi said...

I really want that nativity! I am going to have to buy it from ya. Too bad I am not there or I would have to do everyone of the things that you are doing!

Rendi said...

I want to do the next one, but I don't know if I will be back in town. Is there another one besides the 20th? Or can I just buy the kits and do them later? So many questions...

The Nicolaysens said...

Megan, I want the Believe blocks, the tile with an “N” est. 2004, and the Christmas countdown. What exactly comes with it for the $15? And what are the Christmas and winter wonderland things? They look adorable, I might want one. I can pay you at church tomorrow. Thanks. Kendra

Leif, Jacove, Zana, Noah & Ewan said...

You are amazingly crafty and TALENTED. I wish you were close buy to do your classes.
(My name is Jacove BTW Leigh and I's dads were in the bishopric together for years)
Do you do Christmas Trees (big)