Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Annual Craft Show

Words of Wisdom
Christmas Craft Show

Friday Nov. 21st 3pm-7pm
Saturday Nov 22nd 9am-2pm
2140 w Caliret (Crimson Point sub)
Come get all your Christmas shopping done without the crowds and lines.
.Tiles .Intarsia
.Glass Blocks .BSU Gifts
. Frames .Custom Clocks
.Stackers .Wood Crafts
.Block Letters . Signs
.Magnetic Boards .Vinyl Lettering
And Much, Much More
Special orders guaranteed by Christmas!


The Nicolaysens said...

Hey I was wondering how much it would be for a magnet board and the Boise State logo? Kind of like the one that you had at the craft show but I could make it? Let me know. Thanks. Kendra 922-1423 or leave a post on my blog. Thanks.

Jared and Emillee said...

Hi guys,
Can I get 3 name boards? Allen, Clayson and Ostermiller I would also like 2 of the Jesus Christ's let me know how much. And we are excited to see you this next weekend. Em

Cami Jill said...

When are you starting up again? I totally want to come!