Sunday, March 15, 2009


Will be held WED. MARCH 25Th @ 6pm. Place your orders by email to by Monday March 23rd.

Here is what we will be doing: Spring cans:

Kit: $10 includes cans, vinyl, and ribbon
Vinyl only: $3


Kit:$6 (includes wood, vinyl, ribbon, and wire)

Vinyl only:$3.00

Trio blocks:

Kit: $5 (includes wood, and vinyl)

Vinyl $3

Kit: $6 (includes 9 tiles and vinyl)

vinyl only: $3
Also we will be doing blocks that spell EASTER (picture to come)

$6 kit( includes blocks, vinyl, and scrappbook paper)
Vinyl only $3

Hairbands $3 (comes with ribbon and 1 flower)
These can be made in Large, medium, or small sizes. Perfect for Easter coming up!